To All Educational Assistants:

Special Education EAs are going up to 6 hours and 50 mins because when the current Collective Agreement issues were being negotiated with the Ontario Ministry of Education in 2007/08, the agreed to language stated that Ontario Special Education EAs who were not already working 7 hours per day could have their workday extended 'up to 7 hrs." At the TDSB, the Board has informed principals that Special Ed EAs will be working 6 hrs and 50 minutes starting in September 2011.

The Union and the TDSB will continue to have discussions on hours of work for EAs and ECEs.

When we have concrete answers, we will communicate with the members about any more changes.

Classroom Support includes positions in such areas as:

  • Educational Assistants
  • Special Needs Assistants
  • Lunchroom Supervisors
  • Early Childhood Educators
  • Nutrition Services
  • Safety Monitors.

I am a casual Educational Assistant, how do I become permanent?
As a casual Educational Assistant, you do not have access to the Board Wide Web (BWW) where all internal positions are posted. If no one applies to an internal position, then the Board would look at a list of all those casual employees who are interested in full-time permanent positions and could ask you to attend an interview for a certain position.